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Video recording on 6 June 2015 © Centre Pompidou

Singapour mon amour
Parole aux artistes

6 June 2015, at 16h00 (1h30)
Petite salle - Centre Pompidou, Paris

Sookoon Ang and Ho Tzu Nyen, two major artists from Singapore, introduce their work through an illustrated performative talk. This presentation will be followed by a panel discussion on contemporary art in Singapore, where writer, curator and visual artist Jason Wee, Silke Schmickl (Lowave), Catherine David and Kathryn Weir (Centre Pompidou) will join the artists.

Sookoon Ang, Weighs like mine, 45 min, 2015
Talk and screenings, introduction by Silke Schmickl, Lowave

While utilizing a wide array of media and artistic approaches, my work focuses on evocative reconsiderations of the everyday. Underpinning my work is existential anxiety and the desire to represent the fragile and ephemeral. My work is produced in response to the transient and imperfect nature of things, emotions and ideas.

Ho Tzu Nyen, Chimeras, 45 min, 2015
Talk and screenings, introduction by Kathryn Weir, Centre Pompidou

From his first work about the non-existent lion that Singapore was named after, to his most recent project about the annihilation of tigers during British colonial rule, Ho Tzu Nyen has been interested in tracking chimeras that haunt the margins of history, with his projects in theatre, television, cinema and audio-visual installations.

Organiser : DDC / Paroles, J-P Criqui