Fragil(e) - Helga Fanderl

FRAGIL(E) is a book and DVD that presents 11 Super 8 films by Helga Fanderl, made between 1986 and 2005. The selected films, Polar Bear, Passers-By, Bulrushes, Fountain, Girls, Ferris Wheel, Airplanes II, Falling Water, Under the Water Lilies, Weybridge and Fireworks, are a small sample of her large body of work which now includes over 200 Super 8 films. Helga Fanderl uses a shoot and cut technique where the act of perceiving and filming are one and the same. There is no post shot editing involved, everything is done in the camera. The films show what’s happening in front of the camera as well as the simultaneous logical process of its transformation by using the chronology of the event as cinematographic writing.

Helga Fanderl is accustomed to creating programmes of her films that are specific to each screening. These distinct programmes play on the relationship that each individual film have with each other in terms of subject and style and that make up a coherent world of relations and contrasts. In order to represent the performance aspect of her work, the DVD includes a 30 minute documentary commented by the artist in English, French, and German as well as an interview (in German with English and French subtitles).

The DVD itself is included as part of trilingual (English, French, German) book that presents various texts about her work by Bruno Montels, Peter Z. Herzog and Christine Noll Brinckmann, as well as a bioography and an interview with the artist by Antonie Bergmeier that aims to place the work within its historical context.

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Label Lowave

Press book



Helga Fanderl


LOWAVE, 2006 


11 films, 1 documentary about Helga Fanderl's work, 1 interview with Helga Fanderl, 1 biography, 65 minutes, PAL, all zones, stereo, 4:3

Trilingual book (in English, French and German, 52 pages, with texts by Bruno Montels, Peter Z. Herzog, Christine Noll Brinckmann and an interview with Helga Fanderl by Antonie Bergmeier


English, French, German


English, French, German


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