About Lowave

Lowave is a platform for curatorial research based in Singapore and Paris. Its activities range from exhibition concepts, film programming and live performances, to artistic consultations, publications, and teaching. The singularity of Lowave's work is its international scope with a strong interest in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, highlighting emerging artists and the use of interdisciplinary and intercultural crossings.

Lowave was co-founded by its director Silke Schmickl in 2002 and consists of four main members including Mickaël Robert-Gonçalves, Jeremy Chua and Patricia Cartier-Millon, as well as a dense network of project-based partners. Lowave has collaborated with institutions such as Centre Georges Pompidou, La Cinematheque française, The British Film Institute, 3rd Guangzhou Triennial, Beirut Art Fair 2014, Pera Museum Istanbul, KIT – Kunst-im-Tunnel Düsselforf, The Arts House Singapore, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, and UNESCO.

Team: Silke Schmickl (Co-founding Director) / Mickaël Robert-Gonçalves (Managing Editor) / Patricia Cartier-Millon (Producer) / Jeremy Chua (Producer) / Rainer Jochim (Webdesign).

Urban/flux Film Festival

17-23 September 2012
Johannesburg, South Africa

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