9/11/2014 | 14:00 Malachi Farrell à l'œuvre - La Fabrication de « La Gégène » @ Écrans documentaires [Arcueil]

Ecrans Documentaires Farrell 2014

We are pleased to announce the selection of our documentary Malachi Farrell à l'œuvre - La Fabrication de « La Gégène » at Les Ecrans Documentaires Festival 2014. The film retraces the steps involved in the making of La Gégène, a mixed media art work by Malachi Farrell and his team for the MAC/VAL museum in Vitry-sur-Seine (France) in 2007. Using movement, objects, images and sounds, La Gégène evokes the Algerian War and its related acts of violent torture as well as today's media deluge. Filmed in an experimental fashion, this documentary depicts the strength of this activist art work as it invites viewers to question social, political, historical, and contemporary events. - A co-production by Lowave and MAC/VAL Museum, 2008.

@ Festival Les Écrans Documentaires, 23, rue Emile Raspail, Cité Raspail (Bâtiment 1B), 94110 Arcueil


18-21/09/2014 Video Projects: Body Politics @ Beirut Art Fair [Beirut]


Silke Schmickl curated this year's Video Projects at Beirut Art Fair 2014Body Politics is a programme consisting of 16 art films from the Middle East, North Africa, South and South East Asia that explores how contemporary artists comment on current political and social issues by means of their own bodies or those of others. Ranging from video art to experimental cinema, documentaries and performative experiences the selection highlights how the individual can react to the bigger and rigid body of our globalized societies by exploding conventional production modes and viewing patterns. Through personal, ironic and poetic approaches the artists invent a new visual language and take us on a colourful cinematic journey that reintroduces a notion of humanity.

@ Beirut International Exhibition & Leisure Center (BIEL), Down Town, Beirut, Lebanon


15-28/09/2014 Arrangements by Hélène Agofroy online []


Arrangements is about a little house in a French industrial village whose different uses over time throughout the 20th century up to now show its transformation from an industrial to a leisure way of life. The film comprises of a scenario based on two actors moving into an L shaped 27m2 space designed after a real house. Throughout the duration of the film the actors wander and rearrange objects within the space. In a series of 6 sequences, each situation refers to a particular use of the architectural space throughout its history: a lunch room, a refuge during the war, a factory canteen, a locker room combined children’s playroom, a reconstructed house and a tennis club. Each sequence is introduced by a voice over describing a historical scene from the house's occupation. Finally, a series of images of the maquette of the original house photographed in various international landscapes and urban contexts today are displayed like a slide show.


06/06/2014 | 19:00 Official Launch of L'art du Mont(r)age de Jean-Jacques Lebel @ Palais de Tokyo [Paris]

Cover Lart du montrage

Lowave is proud to announce the official launch of our latest DVD publication, L'art du Mont(r)age de Jean-Jacques Lebel at the Palais de Tokyo on 6 June 2014! Mark your calendar for an evening dedicated to the brilliant mind of Jean-Jacques Lebel as you are cordially invited to the free public screening of the film, with Jean-Jacques Lebel and filmmaker Danielle Schirman in attendance! The event will be graced by the initiator of the project, Dominique Paini, who will also conduct a rare artist interview with both artists after the screening. Join us there!

@ Palais de Tokyo, Niveau 1 Salle trente-sept, 13 avenue du Président Wilson, 75116 Paris


05-07/06/2014 | 19:00 The African Time Machine @ Video in Progress - [Ljubljana]

Video in progress

Lowave presents a special screening of The African Time Machine at the Videos in Progress Festival 2014, organized by Kolektiva Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Comprising of works from the IN/FLUX series, the programme takes the spectator on a journey through African time and space: travelling across the remnants of its post-colonial era to the staged revolutions, interventions and reform that led to its present day culture and society. The programme will be screened daily from the 5-7 June 2014. 

@ Video in Progress festival, CUK Kino Šiška and Atrij ZRC, Ljubljana, Slovenia


27/4/2014 | 19:00 Human Frames - Melancholy @ Contemporary Art Platform [Kuwait]

Groebels Divine Invasion Portrait

Melancholy is part of the art film collection Human Frames that concentrates on psychological states such as happiness, desire, madness, fanaticism, fear, anger, isolation, mono no aware and impermanence. This volume presents nine contemporary works from Asia and Europe that arouse our curiosity of other cultural interpretations of melancholy. The films invite us to revisit the things we once considered familiar, to look at them from a different perspective, and ultimately, to subject our own cultural system of reference to scrutiny.

@ Contemporary Art Platform, Shuwaikh Industrial 2, Koweït



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