Pop-up Gallery Multiples

10 December 2015 – 3 January 2016, The Art Space, Singapore

exhibition popup multiples

Pop-up Gallery Multiples is a three week-long art showcase of emerging and established Singaporean and international artists curated by Silke Schmickl and organised by The Art Space, one of Suntec's new contemporary art galleries.

Under the theme of multiples, that is to say artworks that are produced by artists in limited and signed series, the exhibition offers a wide range of styles, themes and media. With a particular focus on photography, prints, thoughtfully crafted objects, design, art books and vinyls, Multiples is dedicated to rare and special editions in the artists' bodies of works. By choosing reproductible media the artists experiment and play with the idea of seriality while maintaining the originality and signature of their artistic idea and gesture.

Featuring some of Singapore's most striking artists such as Sookoon Ang, Chye Teck Chua, Ezzam Rahman and Shugibig Rao alongside young talents like Ruyi Wong, Aiwei Foo and internationally acclaimed artists Yoko Fukushima, Vincent Olinet and Masayo Kajimura amongst others, Multiples is an invitation to discover outstanding creative talents in a welcoming atmosphere. In the presence of several artists and curator Silke Schmickl the visitors have the unique opportunity to gain a deeper insight in the presented works and art practices through guided tours and discussions. A selection of art books, one of the first forms of multiples, is provided by leading local bookshop BooksActually.

With carefully selected items Multiples is conceived as an accessible platform where aspiring collectors are welcomed to constitute the first base of their future collection and established collectors are invited to enrich theirs. Art multiples are limited, once the editions are sold out, there will be no reedition. Join us on the opening to have the best choice within our selection!


Curator: Silke Schmickl
Producer: Jeremy Chua
Artists: Philipp Aldrup, Sookoon Ang, Stephanie Jane Burt, Chye Teck Chua, Aiwei Foo, Yoko Fukushima, Susanne Gürtler, Masayo Kajimura, Sissi Kaplan, Vincent Olinet, Ezzam Rahman, Shubigi Rao, Ruyi Wong, BooksActually, Ujikaji Records 

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Lowave has curated and produced exhibitions since 2008. Often inspired by our research projects and publications, these projects have been realised in close collaboration with international exhibition spaces. Some, such as Resistance[s] at the 3rd Triennial of Guangzhou, responded to invitations from major art events, others, more intimate, paid tribute to Lowave's unique art identity.  

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