Nuit blanche

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Author: Anna and Pauline M'barek
Producer: Lowave 
Partner: CNAP – Centre national des arts plastiques
Available versions: No dialogues
Duration: 13'
Format: HD, 4:3, black and white
Genre: Animation
Year: 2015


Nuit blanche is a hand-drawn stop motion film that recounts sensorial impressions of a 'white night' or 'sleepless night'. Through a series of ink drawings Anna M'barek animates visual and sonorous memories from Tunisia that are set to music by her daughter Pauline M'barek. The oneiric experience of the night with its movements, shadows and whispers, explores thresholds between reality and fiction, wakefulness and dreams and ultimately the possibility of accessing a foreign culture through an alternative, non linguistic approach. 


  • 26/04/17 – Panorama des cinémas du Maghreb et du Moyen-Orient, Saint-Denis, France
  • 26/11/16 – KLEX (Liminal Perceptions), Lostgens, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 23/09/16 – 14e Festival du Film Africain (African shorts 2: Visual arts), Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany
  • 29/09/15 – Odeon Cinema (Nuit blanche), Cologne, Germany

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