Sill Arrangement 11

Author: Hélène Agofroy
Producer: Lowave 
Partner: CNAP – Centre national des arts plastiques
Available versions: French, English
Duration: 30'
Format: HD, 16:9, colour
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2012


In an agular contruction of 20m2 built after the mesures of a real house two house movers are in action. They arrange the space following the criteria of six situations. One situation follows the other. The 1st evokes a pavillon for lunch in summer, the 2nd a refuge during the war, the 3rd the canteen of a factory, the 4th a storage room and a children’s playground, the 5th the displacement and reconstruction. The last one recalls a tennis club and ends with a slideshow that offers an interpretation of the house’s mobility: we see a cardbord model of the house that was photographed around the globe. 


  • 10/03/15 – Séance autour de l'oeuvre d'Hélène Agofroy, Auditorium of Musées de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France
  • 15-28/09/14 – Arrangements, Saison Vidéo 2014,, France
  • 13/03/13 – Arrangements (special screening), Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France

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