Isabelle Blanche

*France. Lives and works in Africa.

Isabelle Blanche discovered the super 8 format, which became her medium of choice, in the workshops of the Paris Saint-Charles University (Sorbonne), as a member of the S’Marti Brigades. She has progressively developed her filmmaking career in this format, shooting movies, often in sequence shots, the length of one super-8 cartridge, meaning 3’35’’; the movie 3’35’’ de Bonheur is a perfect illustration of this use. The core of her work is based on meetings with others and the tension that meeting provokes. Her films are an unveiling and produce an intense relationship with the latent present moment. Being an artist and documentarian as well, she settled in Africa in 2007 where she shot Balade (Saloum).

Blanche Ideal

Idéal (Fin de l') / France / 2000 / 3'30 / 4:3