Pauline M'Barek

*1979, Cologne, Germany, lives and works in Cologne, Germany and Brussels, Belgium.

Pauline M’Barek joined the Hamburg fine arts school in 2000. In 2003 she received the Cusanuswerk scholarship. That same year she studied at ESBAM. She joined the Vorwerkstift artists union in 2005. In 2007 she obtained the Karl H. Ditze prize for best diploma project. Parallel to her video work, she continues to illustrate in order to explore the associations of pictographic images to global images. Her recent videos and drawings are tightly linked. Pauline has participated in a number of exhibitions and international festivals.

Geographie imaginaire 1

Géographie Imaginaire / Tunisia-Germany / 2005 / 15' / 4:3

Géographie imaginaire is a subjective report on a deliberatly non-documentary, i.e. imaginary journey. Pauline M’Barek’s video is based on intimate observations that she made during the preparations and traditional rites for her female cousin’s wedding in Tunisia.