Sion Jeong

*1984. Lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

Sion Jeong has studied Media Art at the Academy of Media Art, Cologne since 2008. Her work KARAT has been shown at Electrohype 2010 (The sixth biennial for electronic art) Ystad Art Museum, Sweden. In her work Sion Jeong focuses on synesthetical perception between matter, sound, light and space. In mean time, she is researching to make own music instruments.

KIM Stimme der lucke HD 2

Stimme der Lücke [with Sunjha Kim] /  Germany-South Korea / 2009 / 6’06 / 16:9

While the blue light circulates in a closed room, various displaced sounds originating from a door bell, a mobile phone and a watch clock, enter the gap that exists between space and time. Light and sound alternate and finally fuse together in the gap.