Patrick Volve

*1972, France. Lives and works in Paris, France.

Patrick Béraud "Volve" studied math and audiovisual communications, with a specialty in sound engineering from the school of image and sound at Angloulême (France). He then pursued his training during 1 year at CFT Gobelins (Paris) as a post-production assistant. Patrick has made a number of short films since 1998 including Vidéo Montevidéo. As a film editor specialising in sound and effects, he contributes his talent to the Metronomic group and his various VJ performances in Paris.

Volve Video Montevideo

Video Montevideo / France / 2003 / 4'12 / 4:3]

Lust: 12 sexy shorts brings to light a wide range of cutting-edge films from 8 different countries that takes a humoristic look at the search for pleasure. It's a discovery of a wide range of low-budget film-making styles that strolls us through a frenetic world that begins with sex for some and ends in separations for others. These films portray experiences that dissolve into a blurry vision of love. Lust is an incomplete inventory - who could pretend otherwise !! - of the different strategies of attack and defense within the permanent struggle against loneliness. Lust shows us a world where although the rules are simple, the winner never adheres to them.

Space on earth / France / 2001 / 3'47 / 4:3

Everything you see now is the true reality. This is the story of 3 March 2007, the day the Earth exploded.