Marylene Negro

*1957. Lives and works in Paris, France.

Marylène Negro’s films are never remakes. They go there, where the cinema can not. There, where the cinema got tired to go or does not adventure anymore. Their gaze turned to the interior, forces them to attack themselves, to pummel their material through computer software, to push the irrationality furthest away, emotion glows and the slowness beyond the possible.

NEGRO Dark continent HD 4 3

Dark Continent / Marylène Negro / France / 2010 / 6’10 / 4:3

Dark Contintent, a black, metaphysical hole around the face of Mary Magdalene which shifts Freudian psychoanalytical discourse towards the artist’s investigative practice, dualistic between the tenebrous and the (ultimate) radiance of light between the humanity in the filmed face and the eternal divinity of sculpture.” – Matthieu Orléan.