Carole Arcega

*1974, France. Lives and works in France.

Carole Arcega’s work is a hybrid mixture of experimental film, video art, art installations, and performances. For the past ten years she’s been an active contributor to the French experimental scene. Today she represents a new wave of corporal cinema. Her films have been screened at a number of cinemas and cultural venues around the world (Côté Court Festival, Festival Tous Courts d’Aix-en-Provence, La Ménagerie de Verre, The Pompidou Center, Italy, Canada, Serbia…). She teaches experimental film to youth and adults (Lycée Louis Lumière, la Femis, Ecole supérieure de l’Image de Poitiers…) through hands-on workshops, conferences, screenings and theoretical courses. In her role as a cultural engineer, Carole Arcega was president of the film co-op l’Etna whose objective is to promote cinema research and experimentation. She was also the co-founder of Label Ombres and regularly collaborates with the LSRH laboratory for humanities research.

ARCEGA Le Cristallin

Le Cristallin / France / 2004 / 7' / 4:3

Blacklight compilation brings together films of a new genre, between cult cinema and abstract art, a form of science fiction bordering on the experimental and the fantastic. The black and white universe presented here is inherited from comic books, drawings, calligraphy, and of course photography. Label Ombres presents new hybrid works, evolving in the imagination through expanded cinema, a cinema of sensations.


Macula / France / 2002 / 7' / 4:3