Chui Mui Tan

*1978, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Lives and works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Chui Mui Tan graduated from Multimedia University Malaysia with a BA of Multimedia in Animation & Film. Her work is characterized by a poetic sensibility borne out of her small town upbringing and a keen eye for stories based on personal growth and redemption. Other than directing her own films, Chui Mui also produces films by other Malaysian independent filmmakers.


One Future / Malaysia / 2009 / 4’45 / 4:3

One Future is an edgy and powerful science fiction story of a society where everything is perfect, except no one is allowed to speak.

Company of Mushrooms / Malaysia / 2006 / 30' / 4:3

Company of Mushrooms portrays a dinner between men on a hot and humid summer's evening with a naturalistic rigour that further exacerbates the solitude of certain, seemingly anodyne moments in life. Let loose before the camera, the actors seem to allow themselves to veer into improvisation, resulting in cinema that is as heart-warming as it is stark.