Brandon Bauer

Brandon Bauer is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His work explores how the strategy of collage creates or obscures meaning. Brandon’s art has been exhibited in the Aces(s) electronic media festival in Pau, France, The European Media Arts Festival in Osnabruck, Germany, and at Project 101 in Paris among several other national and international venues. His work has been produced in DVD editions, used as illustration for various editorial publications and books, and has been published in poster editions. Brandon has recently completed his MA at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and is currently pursuing his MFA with a focus on intermedia. Brandon is an adjunct Time Based Media faculty member at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.


Signaldrift / France / 2003 / 60' / 4:3 

A collaboration between video artist Brandon Bauer and electronic musician Franz Bucholtz, Signaldrift: A Day Under the City is the result of digital versus analog fighting for space within a dense structure of sights and sounds. Spliced video tape and noise samples accompany a pulsing rythm that is synonymous of life in a midwestern american city on the edge of a new era. As you bathe your ears and eyes in the ambient world of Signaldrift, you'll probably wish you had the means to procure a video-projecter and a big pair of speakers.