Rudolf Buitendach

*1969, Vereeniging, South Africa. Lives and works in Los Angeles, USA.

Born in South Africa in 1969 where he graduated from film school with honours in directing, Rudolf Buitendach relocated to England in 1996 with a feature script and a small bag full of ambition. Not knowing a soul in London he started as a runner in Soho and swiftly made headway working for The Creative Partnership and The Picture Production Company, to become a top Avid promo and trailer editor, one of his trailers having been nominated for a Golden Trailer Award.

His true passion being directing, Rudolf has been making shorts on and off for six years, projected at various International Festivals, including When the Floor Became the Ceiling. Rudolf also has a self-penned Feature film in development and another 3 completed screenplays.

Buitendach When the floor became the ceiling

When the floor became the ceiling / UK / 2001 / 6'03 / 4:3

An encounter between a man and his upstairs neighbor. In between shots of whiskey and lines of coke, a young man tries to learn some lines for his audition the next morning when he hears sounds of lovemaking from the floor above. A few knocks of the broom against the ceiling to calm things down and then the neighbor comes knocking at the door. The finally meet. Will it lead to neighborly conflict? 

And nevertheless, the two neighbors stay on their side of the floor/ceiling, but with each one penetrating into the other’s side through overheard suggestive noises.