Burcak Kaygun

*1976, Istanbul, Turkey. Loves and works in Istanbul, Turkey.

Burçak Kaygun was born in Istanbul in 1976. In 2006 she completed her BA degree at the Marmara University, School of Fine Arts, Department of Painting in Istanbul. As a student she began using a wide range of media to address her subjects. Alongside painting, she has repeatedly employed video, photography and sound. She enjoys taking on the limitations of each medium as a challenge, owing much to her experience as an art director of short films. Her videos and paintings have been exhibited around the world including at the Kasa Gallery Istanbul, Galerist Istanbul, Fotografie Forum Frankfurt, and e-flux The Building Berlin.

KAYGUN on the thin ice 1

On The Thin Ice / Turkey / 2008 / 3'50 / 4:3

Gradually silhouettes appear from a white screen and lead us to an ice-skating scene that disappears afterward. Human silhouettes interlace with each other, they separate and re-meet, slowly disappear and reappear as backdrops to a choreographed dance of shadows with contours that are impossible to identify. The movements, though composed by the movement of individuals, are only perceptible within their totality. The work, without taking sides, invites the viewer to question the erasing of the individual and his integrity within the masses.