Kazumi Kanemaki

*1972. Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.

Kazumi Kanemaki studied film and video art at the College of Santa Fe, New Mexico (US) from 1994 to 1996, and worked as an intern at Miditech Films, an Indian documentary production in New Delhi. She has been continually making her own individual video works while maintaining a job as a video editor. She has been an active member of the Video Art Center in Tokyo and set up Video Calling in 2005. Kazumi has taken media courses with Katharina Sieverding at UdK in Berlin and has been awarded “Der Preis der Veranstalter” in 2002 at the Bochum Film and Video Festival in Germany.

KANEMAKI Rain at home HD 3

Rain at home / Japan / 1998 / 4' / 4:3

The video Rain at home stages a young girl who is captured in a solitary, melancholic mood. The piece was made during a rain season in Japan and illustrates the touch of the water and the appreciation of it.