Matthias Groebel

*1958. Lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

Matthias Groebel is a painter and new media pioneer. He has been working with video since 1995 and his tapes have been shown at the Portobello Film Festival in London, the International Film Festival Rotterdam and in the Museo Del Arte Moderno in Medellin. Some pieces are part of the new media archive run by IMAI in Dusseldorf.

GROEBEL Divine invasion HD 4

Divine invasion / Germany / 2006 / 9’59 / 16:9

Divine Invasions is an anonymous biography of the American science-fiction author, Philip K. Dick. Everybody is talking about him but his name is carefully erased. Two concurrent sections of the screen contain imperceptible 3D information, the constant reflection creates an electronic prayer wheel: a method of remembrance. The setting again reflects the gloomy disposition of the young man in a way a landscape painting describes an emotion. But video is more than just a moving painting and while various stills can be read as examples of “melancholia”, the mood created by Divine Invasions is different: it is a feeling of “not yet”.