Florent Roussel

*1981, France. Lives and works in Paris, France.

Florent Roussel works with the writing and production of audiovisual projects. Having collaborated on many short and feature length films, he is currently preparing a documentary. Alongside his activities, he is involved in projects that explore the relationship between audiovisual writing and interactive and multimedia universe. He questions the interfaces and the modes of interaction available to the spectator, while simultaneously exploring propositions combing audiovisual narrative and interactive wandering. After developing the project RAM (interactive fiction on DVD video) he participated in Monkey_Party with projectsinge group.

projectsinge Monkey party

Monkey_Party [with Jérôme Blanquet and Jean-François Blanquet]/ France / 2007 / 60' / 4:3

Monkey_Party is an interactive and random generating video DVD by the projectsinge group. It is also an interactive video installation that aims to sneak into our daily lives by manipulating common household audio-video equipment (TV, DVD player, stereo ...) in order to open our senses to new experiences. It's an alternative audiovisual encounter between performances, video, experimental cinema and digital art.