Martin Gracineau

*1972, France. Lives and works in Nantes, France.

Martin Gracineau developed an interest in sound via his love of music, especially guitar based rock from the New York noise-improv scene and British pop. After having studied physics, his work diverged towards audiovisual creations, and it’s in Quebec where he started to work as a sound editor for the North American cinema industry.

Upon his return to France, he worked as a sound engineer, director, teacher and musician. Today he focuses his artistic projects around audiovisual experiences that explore the musicality of real-world sounds and how they can be transformed and reshaped.

Ricard et Gracineau Tendem

Tandem: Faux-Raccords [with Colas Ricard] / France / 2001 / 6'15 / 4:3

Is there serendipity between a man and a woman? A film constructed by correspondence between France and Canada. The sound and image was designed around autonomous work between two filmmakers who did not exchange images, intentions or time.