Yoko Fukushima

*1976, Japan. Lives and works in Paris, France.

Organic, minimal, fragile, hybrid, Yoko Fukushima’s formal works result in a contemplation of the life cycle: contemplation motivated by desire to explore the least fold of being temporal. She has exhibited widely in international museums, galleries and film festivals.

FUKUSHIMA Making circles HD 4

Making Circles (métamorphose) /  Japan-France / 2002-2008 / 3’20 / 4:3

A woman paints herself white to erase both her identity and ego. She tears at her hair and arranges it in circles to create another world. She abandons her clothes in the forest, lies down at the foot of a tree to return to the earth. Life is a repetition of creation and destruction, birth and death. Where then does the exit reside to this infinite and inevitable cycle?