Shiho Kano

*1974, Tokyo, Japan. Lives and works in Paris, France.

Shiho Kano completed a degree at the Musahino university of art (Tokyo, Japan) in 1997, then studied at the Image Forum institute between 1997 and 1999.

She’s been making films, videos, and art installations since 1996. Shiho Kano won the grand prize at the 6th Media City festival (2000, Canada), the best film prize at the International Images Festival (2001, Canada), and the honorary prize at the Viper International Festival for Film and New Media (1999, Switzerland). She’s been living at the cité internationale des arts in Paris since 2005.

Kano Lily in the grass

Lily in the grass / Japan / 2003 / 6' / 4:3

A letter no one can read, a character whose face cannot be seen, a room without dimensions…remnants of a narrative that have lost their way, tenuously connected with each other by the flashes between the shots.