Joude Gorani

*1980, Damascus, Syria. Lives and works in Damascus, Syria.

After graduating from the FEMIS in 2005 with a degree in cinematography, Joude Gorani now lives and works in Syria. Before Vanishing is her graduation film. She has since worked as a cinematographer on documentaries such as Black Stones directed by Nidal el-Dibs, When I Evaporated directed by Camilla Magid and Dols by Diana Eljeroudi.

Avant de disparaitre 1

Before Vanishing / Syria-France / 2005 / 13' / 4:3

In Before Vanishing, filmmaker Joude Gorani travels from the beginning to the end of the Barada river that surrounds the capital city of Damascus. Often deemed iconic of nature's wondrous beauty, we discover how the Barada river has suffered from exploitation, neglect, pollution and unplanned urbanization. The film also uncovers the transformation of the river's social life and provides an intelligent measure of the distance between ideology and reality, in contemporary Syria.