Fabian Astore

*1964, Sydney, Australia. Lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

Fabian Astore is a digital media artist and filmmaker. His work has been exhibited at numerous national and international festivals including: Sydney Film Festival 2004; Berlin International Video Festival; Cadiz International Video Festival; Exground Filmfest Wiesbaden, Fluxusonline 2006 and the Adelaide Film Festival 2007 in Australia.

He has also completed digital animations for 9 large scale theatre productions including; Jake and Pete which played at the Sydney Theatre Company and the Winnipeg Festival; Mad Bad and Spooky at the 2001 Sydney Festival; Stella and the Moon Man at the Sydney Theatre and which was the winner of the 2006 Helpman Award for Best Children's Presentation. In 2007, he produced an animation for an Australia-Japan collaboration with the Kageboushi Theatre Company, Japan. In the second half of 2006 he was a Visiting Fellow at the Department of Media, Film, Theatre and Dance at the University of NSW and is currently a sessional lecturer there.

3934 Houses1

3494 Houses + 1 Fence [with Mireille Astore]/ Lebanon-Australia / 2006 / 6' / 16:9

 The street scape of Broken Hill, "the accessible outback" country town of Australia, is seen from the viewing platform of a Lebanese reality. Houses, neat, some pretty, some with children playing in front collide with sounds remembered from so long ago, maybe from one of Beirut's many wars, maybe even from future wars. There, exponential repetition sets apathy on a collision course with fear where mangled silences interrupt - but only to disrupt the remnants of safe living and to send eidetic shock waves through rose-colored lenses. The question of responsibility then emerges to demand, if not an answer, then a pause for grief, for consideration due to the boundaries of the senses and the centrality of the body's - any-body's - pain and sorrow.