Nelson Yeo

*1984. Lives and works in Singapore.

Nelson Yeo graduated with a degree majoring in digital filmmaking in the NTU School of Art, Design and Media. Simplicity and yet challenging daily life situations set in different environments is his style of filmmaking. In his film, Seeya in elektrik dreamz, he aims to make a breakthrough from his past works and let others see Singapore landscape from another perspective.

YEO Seeya in elektrik dreamz HD 1

Seeya in elektrik dreamz  / Singapore / 2011 / 20’ / 16:9

Seeya in elektrik dreamz talks about a tale of four people confronting the end of the world. Based on a post apocalyptic set, the film portrays a different and foreign sight to Singapore local landscapes. A visually driven story that questions ourselves if time has lost its purpose and would one rather live on an alternative world.