Gorka Aguado

*1966, Spain. Lives and works in Spain.

Gorka discovered his love of film after having finished his studies at the Centro de Imagen y Nuevas Tecnologías. Frustrated by the difficult conditions of film production at the time, he interrupted his career as film-maker in order to learn the techniques behind programming moving fractals. Once the costs of computer technology had started to fall, Gorka came back to the film scene to take on digital video instead of betacam. In his backroom converted studio he focused on developing his own style of film-making. For Gorka, artistic expression includes technical mastery. With Push, he mechanically choreographs buttons and switches in sync with their use in daily life.

Aguado Push

Push / Spain / 2001 / 4'29 / 4:3

On/Off, On/Off, On/Off – this is the urban rhythm of PUSH by the Spanish film-maker Gorka Aguado. Through the use of switches, buttons, and handles from ordinary objects like microwaves, stereos, cars, doors, and toilets, Gorka has succeeded in choreographing a mechanical dance of daily routines. The different forms, textures, and colors are superimposed to reveal the richness and variety of these objects that almost unconsciously make up our daily lives.