Fabio Scacchioli

*1979. Lives and works in Rome, Italy.

Fabio Scacchioli studied Communication Science in Perugia and Madrid and graduated with a thesis on the semiotics of experimental cinema. He studied and worked with Gianfranco Baruchello and Silvano Agosti, two of the most important Italian experimental filmmakers. His research focuses on the relationship between memory, perception and thought.

SCACCHIOLI Nightlife in a puddle HD 1

Nightlife in a puddle / Italy / 2010 / 8’ / 4:3

Nightlife in a puddle is an hallucination after the storm. Shot in 8 mm, of the dark and disappearing roads scratched by lightning. The discovery that a village festivity is also possible in a puddle at night is both, terrible and sublime. Do the images drown and disappear in our memory, or are we drowning while the images observe us from an unreachable time?