Frederique Devaux

*1956, Paris, France. Lives and works in Paris, France.

Frédérique Devaux has made over thirty documentary and experimental films distributed by various international film co-ops. As a lecturer at the Aix-Marseille University, she is also the author of a number of theoritical publications on art and cinema. Her work focuses on reliefs, whether they be real or imaginery, through juxtaposition of different elements including those that have been borrowed from her previous films, as well as fragments that function as trompe-l'oeils. Since 2000, Frédérique Devaux has been working on a series of documentaries on experimental filmmakers.

K3 Les femmes 1

K (Désert) / 2004 / France-Algeria / 2004 / 4'16  / 4:3

K (Désert) is the forth part of a series on Kabylia, including a documentary and a feature film. K (Désert) examines the fragmentation of a culture (Berber culture) through the Algerian desert populations by means of collage. Shot in 8mm and blown-up on 16mm film, the groundwork has been reworked by layers in the optical printer.

K3 (Les femmes) / France-Algeria / 2003 / 4'56  / 4:3

K3 (Les Femmes) is dedicated to the Kabili women of North Africa. The artist superimposes images and sounds to highlight the difficulty these women face in proclaiming their identity. The film projects activities of Kabili women which usually include the raising of children, the family, and the household. Erased from the exterior society, their marginalisation is depicted through the fading in and out of images and sounds. However, within their own private spaces, they remain loyal, they sing, dance, and resist a society that does not take into account their full value.