Josephine Turalba

*1965. Lives and works in Manila, Philippines.

Josephine Turalba is an interdisciplinary installation artist who incorporates video, sculpture, performance and sound into her artworks. Her works take a visceral approach to the politics of violence focusing on the dynamics of infliction, depicting traces and spaces, a place where empathy translates into healing. She is in constant inquiry into human behavior and its context.

TURALBA Mighty ballistic HD 3

Mighty ballistic / Philippines / 2008 / 6’51 / 4:3

Mighty Ballistic is a performance video that presents Josephine Turalba wearing a sculptural dress made from bullets, walking and interacting with people in the streets of Manila. A pacifist protest against violence and the force of arms. Death cultivates a visibility for what has disappeared and what is vociferously being called to memory. What can be seen is what is no longer there. Trauma triggers the search for that inner voice that calls us to slow down and heal ourselves.