Wolfgang Konrad

*1974, Graz, Austria. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Wolfgang Konrad born 1974 in Graz is a visual artist and film maker who lives and works in Vienna. He studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Vienna. Currently he is working with Ursula Hansbauer on their project ‘Living Archives’ - the focus is aimed at questions of biopolitics and genetic colonialism.

Breuer et Konrad et Hansbrauer Forst

Forst / Austria / 2005 / 50' / 4:3

This documentary imagines a dense forest situated in the middle of Europe - far from urbanity and civilisation - that harbours a community of exiles. Based on our intimate fears and allowing our perceptions to flow freely, the troubling Forst retraces the story of th emancipation of this world of outcasts.