Waël Noureddine

*1978, Beirut, Lebanon. Lives and works in Beirut, Lebanon.

Waël Noureddine is first and foremost a writer: a professional journalist and a poet. His films reveal what Pasolini calls 'civil poetry', meaning literary descriptions and criticisms of real situations. Noureddine's films focus on capturing the physical and mental scars of Middle Eastern conflicts whether they apply to buildings, occupied spaces, in gestures or the destructive behaviour of young people. Here we witness cinema that uses all the means at its disposal including realism, editing, calligraphy and musical mosaics to resist against subjugation and resignation. Noureddine's visual poems reveal a heroic conception of images: "A camera is dangerous, when capturing images, we capture them for eternity, it's a big responsibility."

Ce sera beau 1

Ça sera beau - From Beirut with Love / Lebanon-France / 2005 / 30' / 4:3

Beirut, or perhaps any other city in war with itself. Here no conflicts ever get resolved, no wall ever gets repaired. In the perforated city, the explosions resound better. We have the choice between the army and religion, or then religion and the army. A heroin dose costs 10 dollars. I go and visit some acquaintances and send some post cards...

A film far beyond a God / Lebanon-France / 2008 / 39' / 4:3