Rita Bakacs

*1976, Germany. Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Rita Bakacs was a student of Comparitive Literature at the University of Cologne and the University of Rochester where she gradutated with a Masters degree. She studied documentary filmmaking with German director Andres Veiel in Berlin. Her video art works have been exhibited in Toronto and Berlin, while her films have travelled and competed in several international festival circuits. Currently she is recipient of the "cast & cut" scholarship in Hannover and works on a documentary funded by German film fund nordmedia and the German network NDR.

BAKACS fehérkék HD 4

Fehérkék / Hungary-Germany / 2008 / 1’47 / 4:3

I can blow the clouds away so that you can glimpse the sky. The word “fehérkék” has two meanings in Hungarian: “fehér” means white and “kék” means blue. Thus the first meaning is “white-blue”. But “fehérkék” is also the plural of “fehérke”, the diminutive of “fehér”. And so the second meaning is “small white parts”. Féhérkék is an amusing allusion to the way in which happiness can be conjured up with simple means.