Larissa Sansour

*1973, Jerusalem, Israel. Lives and works in London, UK.

Larissa Sansour studied Fine Art in Copenhagen, London and New York. Her interdisciplinary work, is immersed in the current political dialogue and uses the vocabulary of film, pop culture, and television, to humorously depict the complexity of life in Palestine and the Middle East.


Sbara / Palästina-Großbritannienv/ 2008 / 8’30 / 16:9

Sbara explores the castigation of Arabs in contemporary Western discourse. By adding an audio montage combining historical and current quotes on the Middle East with footage paraphrasing scenes from the original film, the video seeks to emphasise the psychological terror inflicted upon those on the receiving end of this repetitively stagnant political discourse.

Run Lara Run / Palestine / 2008 / 2' / 4:3

Run Lara Run is not just a simple oriental parody of Run Lola Run. Larissa Sansour is not sporting dyed red hair, but a helmet in the same color, an eloquent and amusing variation, her race through nature is never endingly subjected to brutal changes in viewing angles and direction as she paces along a splintered territory, disfigured by fences, barriers and walls of separation. The character’s race counterbalances the signs of enclosure and house arrest, within a given and well-defined territory.