Olivier Fouchard

*1969, Troyes, France. Lives and works in Paris, France.

Olivier Fouchard studied printing and tapistrey at the C R E A R school in Gouvieux dans l'Oise. During the beginning of the 1990s after having spent two years at an art school in Cambrai, France, he participated at a number of collectif and individual exhibitions.

Since 1994, he has created a number of films and musique concrète videos. His films are distributed by experimental film co-operatives (Light Cone, Collectif Jeune Cinéma) and have been shown at a number of festivals and institutions. Since 1999, he makes films with Mahine Rouhi.

Fouchard Flamencco

Flamenc'co / France / 2003 / 7' / 4:3

Two bodies, or rather, two women hiding in the darkness. Sometimes they light each other up, sometimes they play hide and seek in the half-light. Both fireflies and butterflies, they start surprising nights choreographies that we only see in fragments. At the end their bodies get closer, in the dark, hesitating, sometimes backwards during a lively and retained dance. Yes, that night she danced, but did they really meet? The real film still has to be done.