Massimilian & Nina Breeder

*1978 and 1979, Genoa, Italy. Live and work in New York, USA.

Massimilian Breeder and Nina Breeder collaborate in a series of films and performances focused on duality as a larger and more complex individual, profoundly connected and obstructed by the landscape. Their work together began and continue as a form of assisted procreation, occurring in isolate and motionless dioramas.

BREEDER Dogs HD 16 9 1

Dogs / Italy-USA / 2010 / 9’ / 16:9

Two scenes are juxtaposed: in one, an action of control, domesticated and regulated by pain relief, and in the other, the unleashing of freeing a wild race into the Alaskan Tundra, driven by eight sledge dogs. Ruins of machinery populate the landscape. Dogs reflects upon how much force needs to be exerted in order to move forward, and a consideration on the effects of pain killers on the perception of movement in general. Isolation is expressed as internal condition in response to modern society and as an act of self-fulfillment.


Devil come to hell and stay where you belong / Italy-USA / 2009 / 87' / 16:9

From a small cabin in the mountains of New York, Nina and Massimilian Breeder begin a journey across the United States. California is the initial destination, but as the edge of the surrounding landscape expands so does their ultimate destination. A contemplation on nature and time along a raw journey across the American landscape.