Virgil Widrich

*1967, Salzburg, Austria. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Virgil Widrich’s works include numerous multimedia and film productions. His short film Copy Shop has won 35 international awards and was nominated for an Oscar in the Short Film Category. His animated short Fast Film won 36 awards and has been shown at over 300 festivals.

WILDRICH Copy shop HD 3

Copy Shop / Austria / 2001 / 12′ / 4:3

The story of a man who works in a copy shop and photocopies himself until the whole world is made up only of him. A feeling of ineluctable madness arises from the process of mechanical reproduction and the concomitant mass duplication of the ego. In formal terms, Copy Shop comprises about 118,000 photocopied digital film stills, which have been animated on the editing table and filmed in 35 mm.