Ethem Ozguven

*1962, Turkey. Lives and works in Turkey.

Ethem Özgüven is a video and documentary maker, whose work explores environmental and social matters. He founded the International Video Workshop with Walter Pucher and Petra Holzer, creating an alternative teaching model for intercultural groups. He also teaches at various universities.


Derilium / Turkey / 2005 / 6' / 4:3

Words appear on the screen and several voices mention brand names. How can we remain free in our choices when they are so often framed within purely commercial criteria? Though the highly detailed collage of images and sounds whose rhythm has been consciously accelerated to follow the speed of the media, Delirium takes a shot at the very foundations of the consumer society and at the physiological mechanisms that they are linked to.

F / Turkey / 2004 / 6′ / 4:3

Men rule the world and try to dominate women and their lives. Violence against women has many forms – physical, psychological, economic and social. The justification for this violence comes in many guises: honour, family harmony, sex work, culture ... The only opportunity to do something about violence directed towards women is to change the culture of male domination – in every sense.