Sean Baker

*1971, New Jersey, USA. Lives and works in New York, USA.

Sean Baker studied at the New York University's film school during the mid-90s. The advertising business offered him his first directing experience. After having created several commercials, he directed Four Letter Words, a feature which premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival 2001. While in post-production on his feature, he co-directed The Greg Bunny Show, for the Independent Film Channel and directed his short film, Hi-Fi, available on the Urban Visions DVD.

Baker Hifi

Hi-Fi / USA / 2001 / 5'34 / 4:3

A car drives through the streets and tunnels of New York City. On board, four teenagers talk, play, and flirt. An innocent joyride amongst friends? Right away the viewer understands that this is not just simple fun as the drugs get in the way.

On the ride back, the kids seem to have completely forgotten the presence of each other’s company with the simple joy of riding around town replaced by the feeling of isolation and solitude that comes with taking heroin. Through watching the film, the distance, despite the fact that they are sharing a car together, can be felt between the four teens.