Marina Chernikova

*Moscow, Russia. Lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Marina Chernikova received a classical education as a painter at the Moscow State Academy. During her studies and after graduating she was an active set designer and painter. Her interest in multimedia led to her completing the European Media Master of Arts program at the HKU (Netherlands), specializing in image synthesis and computer animation.

She has participated in many exhibitions, festivals and a number of internet and TV broadcasting projects.

She is presently developing a new series of photographs and videos based on the exploration of the dynamical structures of megapoles with mixes of various cultural traditions (Moscow, Rome, Tokyo, Paris, Jerusalem, Marseille and Amsterdam). In these works heterogeneous architectural and cultural elements captured in different cities are integrated into conglomerates of images thus reaching new scales and proportions.

Marina Chernikova experiments with all the possibilities offered by digital image manipulation in order to find the most condensed form of the visual information.


Crossings / Russia-Netherlands / 2004 / 5'10 / 4:3

Through her travels, the filmmaker reconstructs her own patchwork city as she searches for the most condensed form of visual information possible, which also happens to be the most poetic.