Hilton Earl

*1964, UK. Lives and works in London, UK.

Hilton Earl began acting at the age of eight and continued into his thirties, living on a sporadic diet of Agatha Christie and pantomime. After his agent retired, he decided to change course and start making films. In September 1999 he enrolled at the University of East London for a degree in theory and history of film. One Last Thing is an independent production financed with his student loan.

Earl One last thing

One last thing / UK / 2001 / 5'15 / 16:9

A night in London accompanied by a free jazz solo. Hilton Earl’s camera follows the late-night walk of one of its habitants that shares with us his love of London, its ambiance, its frivolity, and its people. He observes. Then he observes himself and confides in us his questions on the meaning of life. Isn’t life but a moment, unique amongst others, a pause between other moments, a moment like no other with death as an inevitability? This film, in 16 mm, is Hilton Earl’s first in which he succeeds in brushing in a lot of style and poetry.