Arnaud Delord

*1975, France. Lives and works in Paris, France. 

Arnaud Delord works as a filmmaker for short films, video clips and commercials. He studied animation at École nationale des arts décoratifs in Paris. His graduation film Mr Moth inspired him towards further audiovisual experimentations in different types of media. He co-founded, with Pascal Charrue and Jérôme Combe, his own production studio Fortiche.

 DELORD Mr moth HD 1

Mr Moth / France / 2002 / 9' / 4:3

Mr Moth illuminates the memories of a young boy who tormented insects in his childhood and was warned by Miss Marple that he would be snatched away by Mr Moth for his misdemeanours. The film derives its inspiration from the aesthetics of old black and white detective and horror films and, in the form of a skilful sound and image collage, illustrates the childlike state of fear.