Yuki Hayashi

*1976, Japan. Lives and works in Hyogo, Japan.

He began making visual art in 1997. His Landscape Movie (2002) won the Special Jury Prize at the 2002 IFF. Last Boy Last Girl (2006) won the Most Innovative Film or Video Production Award at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival. His works have been featured at various art exhibitions and film festivals both in Japan and abroad.

HAYASHI The outline of everything HD 4 3 1

The outline of everything / Japan / 2010 / 7' / 3:4

Yuki Hayashi creates animated works by cutting and combining some of the many photographs and videos he has taken and stored on his computer. In The outline of everything, he uses computer drawings to manipulate his photographic and video data. A line, which serves as a vestige of this data, begins to move while maintaining the relationship to the photographs and videos. The artist created this work while thinking about questions, such as whether this data, which has no specific materiality and possesses a certain kind of indefiniteness, can interact with defined images and what lies beyond the limits of that world.