Jean-Francois Blanquet

*1969, Auxerre, France. Lives and works in Paris, France.

Sound manipulative-visual artist, Jean-François Blanquet works with dance, theater, participates in exhibitions, multimedia set ups, performs on stage for live writing sets with various artists, video among others. He works the audio for video/projects multimedium works and for installations. He directs an audiovisual company: Project. Autodidact, he focuses his works on direct experimentation and has developed his own work architecture through the years.

projectsinge Monkey party

Monkey_Party [with Florent Roussel and Jérôme Blanquet] / France / 2007 / 60' / 4:3

Monkey_Party is an interactive and random generating video DVD by the projectsinge group. It is also an interactive video installation that aims to sneak into our daily lives by manipulating common household audio-video equipment (TV, DVD player, stereo ...) in order to open our senses to new experiences. It's an alternative audiovisual encounter between performances, video, experimental cinema and digital art.