Yeonjeong Kim

*1978. Lives and works in Ulsan, South Korea.

Having attained a MFA in Film at the Universiry of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA, she became a lecturer at the Korean National University of Arts, Seoul Institute of Arts and Howon University. Her works have been showcased at numerous International festivals in Jeonju, Ankara, Oblo, Rio de Janeiro and have competed for international prizes.

KIM Masking for serene velocity HD 8

Masking for Serene Velocity - Heat Shot 3 / South Korea / 2008 / 11′ / 4:3

As an homage to Ernie Gehr’s masterpiece Serene Velocity, Masking for serene velocity – Heat shot 3 explores the differing speeds and movement between everyday signs and memories. The collision between 16 mm and 35 mm film creates a new expressive form of movement which unfolds like a mad film before the eyes of the viewer.