Brigitte Cornand

Cornand Bertrand Lavier

Louise Bourgeois / France / 1995 / 49' / 4:3

"Has the day invaded the night or the night invaded the day?" - Louise Bourgeois
Chère Louise is a unique and intimate portrait of French artist Louise Bourgeois by Brigitte Cornand.

Bertrand Lavier: Versailles Chantiers / France / 2002 / 54' / 4:3

In this documentary, Brigitte Cornand follows Bertrand Lavier through the gardens of the National School of Horticulture in Versailles, his Alma Mater. Their walk takes them past a café and construction sites of his ongoing projects before arriving at his home. In these interviews full of wit and humour, the artist traces the genesis of his career and gives insight to understanding his body of work.

Monsieur Parent / France / 2012 / 75' / 4:3

This film gives an insight into the thinking of Claude Parent and questions the motivations behind his methodology. It presents a key to unlock the philosophies governing his work as an architect. Nevertheless, this is not a film about architecture. Brigitte Cornand's emotive approach towards the subject reveals, through intuition and spontaneity, the secrets of his creation in ways organic and unexpected.