Richard Kerr

*1952, Ontario, Canada. Lives and works in Montreal, Canada.

Richard Kerr studied at the Sheridan College. A figurehead of the cinematic group Escarpment School in the 1970s, Kerr has been a reference in Canadian avant-garde for the past thirty years. A film teacher since 1986, an entire generation has trained under him. Inspired by photography, Richard Kerr dares to experiment with various cinematic forms, from poetic documentary to experimental fiction and found footage, a technique he uses in recent films in order to decipher American culture. Richard Kerr also makes variations of his work as installations or Light Box, and the ensemble of his work forms an astounding visual corpus. His films and videos have been acquired by numerous public and private collections. The Cinémathèque du Québec offered him his first important retrospective in Canada in 2000.

Kerr Le bombardement le port des perles

Le bombardement du port de perles / Canada / 2004 / 8' / 4:3

A reworking of the trailer for the movie Pearl Harbor using both handmade and digital techniques. Formally, Le bombardement le port des perles explores collage and found sound as voice-over.