Christina Von Greve

*1968, Bonn, Germany. Lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

Christina von Greve graduated from the Academy of audiovisual arts in Cologne, in 2001. During the making of Desde la memoria, she was living in Madrid (2002-2003) for the Pépinières pour Jeunes Artistes (mobility programs enabling emerging artists to develop projects in foreign countries) of the MAP program. Her film, through a condensation of testimonies and archives from the Spanish civil war, brings out an image of everyday suffering under Franco’s dictatorship. It abandons all didactic and contextual relationships to the benefit of rough memories and their sensibilities. Christina von Greve comes from a generation of artists that places its work in the cinematic field as well as that of visual arts. Her latest movie, Flicker, co-directed by C-Schultz, has been selected for the 10th edition of the Festival des Cinémas Différents de Paris.

von Greve Desede La Memoria

Desde la memoria / Germany / 2003 / 7'30 / 4:3

Desde la memoria are recollections of the Spanish Civil War and the Franco dictatorship. Excerpts from interviews with contemporary witnesses, alienated archive material and pictures of today’s Spanish day-to-day-life have been merged into an experimental montage. Picture and sound fragments are associatively related, evoking – like a collective stream of memories – the misery in times of war and oppression.