Johanna Vaude

*1975. Lives and works in Paris.

Johanna Vaude studied visual arts at the University (1994-97) and started producing her own films. The experimental cinema gives her complete liberty of expression to translate, through plastic hybridization, her sensory trips and experiences. Her creations are widely recognized and her films are shown in Europe, Asia, North America. Retrospectives were organized at the Cinémathèque Française (French Film Archives), Côté Court Film Festival, the Pesaro Film Festival (Italy), MK2 Beaubourg, Traverse Vidéo, etc. 

In 2005, the « Court-Circuit » magazine, a production of Arte, the French-German TV channel, realises a portrait of the artist.

Vaude Hybride Samurai

Johanna Vaude / Hybride / France / 2007 / 82'

The Hybride DVD assembles a selection of six films by Johanna Vaude : Wild Eye (L'oeil sauvage), Our Icarus (Notre Icare), Samurai (Samouraï) , Totality Remix (Totalité remix), Love and Death (De l'Amort), and Exploration. Each film contains its own language, its own theme, and submerges us in unique worlds where the hybridation of different types of media and techniques used presents us with unexpected poetic imagery. The diversity of the subjects and types of techniques contained in her films (mixture of painting on film, synthetic images, 3D, photos, Super 8 films, and digital video) encourages us to think about the inventiveness and possibilities of contemporary experimental cinema.

Exploration / France / 2006 / 18'45 / 4:3
Love and Death / France / 2006 / 6'05 / 4:3
Totality Remix / France / 2005 / 7'08 / 4:3
Samurai / France / 2002 / 7'24 / 4:3
Our Icarus / France / 2001 / 8'37 / 4:3 
Wild Eye / France / 1999 / 14'02 / 4:3