GG Tarantola

*1972, Italy. Lives and works in Milan, Italy.

GG Tarantola, born in 1972, has moved from the world of underground comics to animation and painting. Since 2000, he has actively participated in the work of Sun Wu-Kung, an experimental collective from Milan in which its participants create performances and audiovisual productions for television, internet sites, fashion designers, expositions, etc. The work of this collective is based on experimentation, whether it be for production or methods of working. His short film Novanta, available on Lowave's Urban Visions DVD compilation, follows the same approach.

Tarantola Novanta

Novanta / Italy / 2001 / 12' / 4:3

Novanta is an animated short produced and written by the Italian artist GG Tarantola. And inspired by the number 90 bus in Milan. Novanta aims to illustrate a bus ride in order to make us experience some of the everday aspects of urban life including traffic, accidents, school kids, office, crowds, and ticket inspectors. The artist paints a unique portrait of daily life in the city through this funny and outright bizarre animation mixes skin textures and textile fabrics with abstract black and white drawings. Supported by an experimental soundtrack invoking conversations, noises, traffic, and all sort of urban sounds, Novanta takes into the ambiance of the city Italian style.